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It may be difficult to locate scrap metal dealers in Grays with rates as low as ours, so please contact us for all of your scrap metal requirements. Don't be concerned; we accept scrap metal in any quantity. If you have a large amount of scrap metal that you want to recycle quickly and easily, go no further than Mackers Metals. We are happy to assist and can answer any questions or concerns you may have ahead of time. We are surrounded by metal. Our electrical devices, cable wires, modes of transportation, and practically everything else we use on a daily basis are made of metal.

The traditional method of obtaining these metals is to extract them from the earth, refine the raw product, and then process it for manufacture. Recycling is a cost-effective strategy. Using recycled scrap metal instead of natural resources is less expensive since there are fewer steps involved in the acquisition phase. If you want the best and most fair rate for your scrap metal, we should be your first choice.


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Here at Grays scrap metal Mackers Metals we can support you with collecting your scrap metal goods. We are able to help you meet your needs by doing regular pickups.

So if you regularly need to dispose of scrap metal then we can do this for you. We also can do one of the pickups so if you are in the middle of updating your kitchen or just have some scrap metal you need picking up that is taking up space then we can do this for you too.

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scrap metal merchants in Grays

Scrap metal merchants & dealers Grays

Here at the Grays scrap metal site, we take a wide variety of metals so you don’t need to worry about us not accepting something. Some of the more common alternatives are listed below. Ferrous metals and alloys are often heavier, stronger iron-containing materials. They include carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and wrought iron, and are commonly used in building houses, automobiles, and railroads. Recycling metal consumes less energy than producing new metal. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions while allocating energy to other uses, such as heating and lighting our houses.

When we recycle waste metal, we significantly reduce the strain on our natural resources. We also accept nonferrous metals such as electric motors and cables, copper, lead, aluminium, brass, and stainless steel. If you have another form of scrap metal and are unsure if we can accept it, please contact us and we will see if we can assist you. We might be able to help you regardless of the metal you have.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Scrap metal prices Grays

You can't argue with the fact that greater pricing is always promised as the default; regardless of how much or how little scrap metal you have, our prices will not be matched for the outstanding service we provide. If you need scrap metal dealt with or recycled in Grays, our pricing is unbeatable. We also have a digital weighbridge and digital scales to make the procedure as accurate and smooth as possible. Naturally, if you're going to scrap your metal from a home improvement project, replacing an appliance, or a regular arrangement for business purposes, you'll want to acquire the best price available in your area for the highest level of skill and care. Mackers Metals will exceed your expectations in this area. We take pride in continually offering the best and most competitive pricing available while keeping ahead of the competition.

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Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need to scrap your metal in Grays right now. Please visit us at our site location in Grays during our opening times. Should you have any particular enquiries or concerns about the scrap metal service we offer, please use the contact form on our website.

Simply reach out to us anytime if you have a question or need to schedule a pick-up of the scrap metal you need dealing with.

We also provide scrap metal collection and other services in the below areas;

Basildon, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Grays, Southend, Witham & Thurrock.