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As global concern for the environment grows, there has been an increase in the promotion of recycling. Metal is a recyclable material that can be repurposed for several uses. Scrap metal is often gotten from anything from drinks cans to semi-trucks. Scrap metal can be used, reused, discarded, and reused again, from industrial use to use in home furnishings and artworks.

Instead of discarding scrap metals that would later end up in landfills, it’s best to contact reliable scrap metal merchants Witham.

Mackers Metals are professional scrap metal merchants who provide gate trade and collection services for commercial customers and individuals of the public. We offer reasonable prices for scrap metal and do not discriminate as no amount is too little or too much.

Aside from our friendly service, Mackers scrap collection Witham has its facilities with digitised weighbridge and scales for accurately weighing your metal. That way, you get what your metal is worth.


Scrap metal dealers in Witham

Mackers Metals deals with all kinds of metals. We accept ferrous metals from light and heavy iron to stainless steel and non-ferrous metals like copper, lead, aluminium, brass, and zinc. That way, individuals in Witham and Essex can bundle all their scrap metal together for collection.

Other metals we recover and recycle include:

  • Palladium
  • metal components from computers
  • Batteries
  • Electric motors
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scrap metal merchants in Witham

Scrap metal collection Witham

Mackers Metals are Witham's number one metal scrap collectors with a diverse range of vehicles to offer one-off collection or weekly collections of scrap from construction sites and properties. Some containers are from 20 to 40 yards, with some skips from 2 to 16 yards to accommodate any amount of metal.

Scrap metal recycling Witham

Scrap metal recycling works via a four-stage process. This involves segregation, preparation, burning, and formation. However, you don’t have to trouble yourself with the processes if you want to recycle any scrap metals from your commercial business. It would help if you could identify the different types of scrap metal you’ll be providing, though.

Let a metal recycling business take over the process for you. When recycling, facilities usually follow strict health and safety and environmental regulations as diverse procedures and pieces of machinery are involved in the process.

Importance of metal recycling

We value metal recycling for the following reasons:

Scrap metal prices

The type of scrap you have will determine the amount you’ll earn. Some companies pay more for some specific types of metal than others. However, here at Mackers Metals, our team will ensure that you get the best price for the metals you have to sell.

Remember that prices depend on the type of scrap, the quality, and the volume available for sale. Our prices are competitive, and we offer quick payment immediately after an order is confirmed. For more enquiries about the price per pound of metal, you can call ahead to speak with our representative or visit our facility site, where we have our scrap yard.

Contact Mackers Metals for scrap metal company Witham

Instead of throwing out unwanted scrap, it’s best to let a qualified team of scrap metal merchants, Witham take it off for your hand.

Mackers Metals are expert scrap metal collectors who offer skip and bin collection offers to commercial businesses and individuals throughout Witham Essex. Whether you have a bag of copper or a vanload of iron, you can trust us to offer only the best prices.

To request a quote, arrange a collection or know more about our scrap collection services, get in touch today.

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