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There are numerous reasons why you should recycle your metal rather than throw it away. One of the primary contributors to global warming is the constant increase in the number of carbon emissions generated each year. Recycling helps to minimise carbon emissions, which helps to lower pollution levels in the atmosphere.

You don't need to search any further than right here at Mackers Metals if you have a lot of scrap metal that you want to easily and effortlessly recycle. We are here to help, whether you have a large lot of scrap metal that you need to get rid of. We ought to be your first pick if you're looking for the greatest and most competitive pricing you can find for your scrap metal.


Scrap Metal collection Southend

We can do one-off collections as well as weekly collections so we can suit your scrap metal needs. You don't even need to worry about coming to us if you use our collection service; we'll come and pick up any scrap metal you may have taking up space in your home or garden.

We can come only once if that's all you need, or we can come weekly if you need a more regular set-up.

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scrap metal merchants in southend

Scrap Metal recycling

Of course, we deal with both ends of the scrap metal recycling chain, so if you're seeking scrap metal as well, feel free to contact us. We are the most dependable merchants in Southend for scrap metal and more because we have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with the dealership of scrap metal. Recycling is very important and we pride ourselves on the wide variety we accept as below:

Metal types that we accept:


Do not hesitate to contact us to inquire if you have another type of scrap metal and are unsure if we can swap it. Whatever kind of metal you have, there is a significant probability that we can assist you. Additionally, if you're unsure, just get in touch to learn more.

Scrap Metal prices Southend

With the cost of living going up, a lot of people are worrying about the cost of stuff, but If you are located in or around Southend on Sea you will want to make sure you get in touch with us for all of your scrapping needs, we take pride in consistently providing the best pricing available and keeping up with our competition in the market to be the best for you.

Whether you have a bag of copper or a van load of iron, top prices are always guaranteed as standard. This is something you can depend on from us at Mackers Metals.

Scrap Metal Dealers and Merchants Southend on Sea

Instead of paying exorbitant fees to dispose of your scrap metal garbage, you may have it collected by a team of skilled professionals. By recycling scrap metal debris instead of dumping it, you will be helping the environment and lowering your or your company's carbon footprint. This is because scrap metal recycling uses less energy than creating new things from the start, thereby conserving vital natural resources.

Furthermore, investing in scrap metal garbage collection demonstrates your or your company's commitment to environmental responsibility. We are the finest option for all of your scrap metal requirements, whether you want to buy some metal or need to get rid of some that you already have. Based in Southend on Sea, we are here for all of your scrap metal needs, we have a huge history in the business and glowing customer reviews to back up just how great we are at what we do.

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We are always here to help and are only a phone call away if you want to ask a question or have a particular pick-up you want to be organised. We are really easy to get in contact with, by phone, email or even just by dropping by to see us. If you have any concerns or particular enquiries concerning the scrap metal service we offer, you can also use the contact form on our website.

We also provide scrap metal collection and other services in the below areas;

Basildon, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Grays, Southend, Witham & Thurrock.